Italy’s Gelato Italiano in Kolkata

April 26, 2013

Gelato Italiano

If you have a sweet tooth for yummy desserts, then try out some at Gelato Italiano, located on the 3rd floor of South City Mall. Soft, luscious and nectarous, the gelato ice creams practically melt in your mouths.  What’s more you can get a wide variety of flavours ranging from strawberry, blue berries, chocolates, yogurt and butter scotch here at Gelato Italiano.  In these summer days nothing will be more temping than a luscious gelato dessert served either in a cone or in a cup to weary shoppers! You can also choose your flavours and dig into a unique sundae without burning a hole in your pocket.

True it is difficult to find proper seating arrangements on the 3rd of South City Mall as that floor is always jam-packed with food lovers, occupying almost all the tables and enjoying mouth-watering delicacies, offered at various food joints. But don’t worry you do not need to find a separate table to enjoy your luscious gelato. You can have it anywhere- standing in a corner or walking about peeping into the designer stores and outlets. Whenever I’m in South City I never forget to taste one or the other gelato dessert. Till date I have tasted Black currant, vanilla choco chips, blueberry cheesecake, forestberry cheese cake, choco fudge brownie, royal kulfi, limoncello ice and chocolate fruit &nut. It’s true that you can enjoy your gelato anywhere -standing or roaming around. But, when you are having choco fudge brownie or blueberry or forestberry cheese cake, it’s better to find a proper table, sit comfortably and then dig into your dessert. In this way you actually get the heavenly pleasure of a real gelato dessert, ruminating with closed eyes and savouring the soft cream in your mouth.

For a change try gelatos instead of the typical ice cream that you have every time. Any gelato ice cream is soft and creamy; it melts in your mouth and you experience the real pleasure that any ice cream lover looks for when he takes his first lick.

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