Flavours of North India at The Restaurant on The First Floor

April 9, 2013

The Restaurant on The First Floor

On 23rd December, 2012, five of us, means our friends group went to The Restaurant on The First Floor to celebrate one of our friend’s promotion. He gave us a grand treat there. This restaurant is situated at 50/1B, Purna Das Road, near Golpark, Gariahat. The Restaurant on The First Floor is a typical North Indian restaurant with a tinge of royal style in every preparation, starting from the nomenclature of the dishes to the taste and culinary art. As it was Christmas and New Year time, the entire interior decoration reflected a festive and joyous mood, beautifully decorated with stars, balloons and sparkling ribbons.

We took our seats in a large round table and after we were comfortable at our seats, the waiter approached us to give the menu card. While selecting the menu, we were a bit confused with the unique styled names of the preparations but the warm hospitality of the waiter guided us perfectly to get the right choices for a lavish North Indian dinner. For the appetizer, we ordered Murg Banjara Tikka, Lahsuni Murg Tikka and Fresh Sweet Lime Soda. Both the chicken starters were prepared in a unique style with totally different spices. Both were boneless and as the name suggests, garlic flavor was very much prominent in Lahsuni one and the other one can be described simply as hot and spicy. These mouth watering starters were followed by Murg Awadhi Korma and Chicken Biriyani. Both of these items were served in copper plated serving bowls. As guided by the waiter, we ordered three plates of Biriyani for five of us as one bowl is sufficient enough for two persons. The taste of Biriyani is not exactly the same as served at conventional Biriyani houses. But the taste was too good to relish and when it was complemented with the chicken preparation, it became awesome. The chicken main course was prepared in a typical Lucknow style with hot spices and cream. Our tummies were so tight with all these heavenly dishes that we hardly had any space in our tummies to taste any dessert there, though our taste buds longed for it.

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