Yummy yummy Chinese delicacies at Freak Out

April 8, 2013

freak out

Recently one of my college friends returned to Kolkata from Chennai in a leave after a long time and we all planned to have a lunch together. Finally on last Saturday, four of us went to Freak Out to have a gathering together while celebrating our togetherness through a lunch. None of us have been there ever but as we were near Elgin Road for a little shopping there, we ended up at this restaurant at 89, Chowringhee Road, Kolkata, near Rabindra Sadan Metro Station.

The restaurant is not spacious and seating arrangement is also quite congested. The 4-seater tables are not enough to serve four plates, serving bowls and glasses for four people. Serving area is very much limited.  So the ambience, especially the dining arrangement disappointed me a lot. I started doubting about the preparations. However, after tasting all the items that we ordered, all my annoyance disappeared. As it was nearly 2.30PM and we were too hungry, we skipped the starters and directly made our choices from main course. We placed our orders which included Vegetable Fried Rice, Szechwan Fried Rice(Veg), Mixed  Chowmein(Gravy),  Szechwan Chicken, Honey Chicken and Chilli Chicken Dry. Each of the preparations was really good. I tasted Honey Chicken for the first time and the mild sweetness of honey in this preparation tasted really very good. And as usual, I always love Szechwan preparations and contrary to my expectation and opinion about this place because of its ambience, Freak Out won my heart with its fabulous Szechwan preparations. I didn’t taste Chowmein but my friend’s appreciation reflected a positive answer. At the end, the Dry Chilli Chicken simply gave a flavor to enjoy for my taste buds. Mainly the capsicum flavor in this preparation was too good.

After such a relishing lunch, it is quite obvious that we will be worrying about our pocket. But as the preparations satisfied us just like anything, the bill also pleased us as the total bill was nearly Rs. 700/- which is quite appealing.

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