Simply Sizzlers will just make you sizzle!

April 8, 2013

simply sizzlers

Awesome sizzlers at Simply Sizzlers will just make you sizzle! A gastronome would love to taste the savoury sizzlers at Simply Sizzlers, which are seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices. The best part is you get to eat everything hot and fresh. Simply Sizzlers is one of the many food stalls that foodies love to visit in South City Mall. Situated right on the 3rd floor of the South City Mall, this food stall attracts a whole lot of food lovers every day. The only problem is it is hard to find a vacant table, especially on weekends when people throng on the 3rd floor of South City Mall to taste temping delicacies.  But, once comfortably seated you should surely taste some of the sizzlers offered at Simply Sizzlers.

The person manning the food counter is quite friendly and starts preparing your sizzlers the moment you place your order. He never fails to serve liberal chunks of potato, tomato and chicken pieces on your platter. I particularly like their roasted chicken sizzler and sizzling grilled masala bhekti which are just so delectable. Believe me you’ll always find a soft, juicy chicken piece seasoned with special spices or a generous piece of flavoured bhetki on your sizzler. Apart from these two delicacies, the presence of veggies such as potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage and some noodles, mixed in tangy sauce make the sizzler a complete and wholesome preparation. If you are a vegetarian you can try some veg mix grilled, paneer shashlik, corn & cheese ball and stuffed cottage cheese roll. Simply Sizzlers has some other delicious non-vegetarian delights in their menu. Though I did not get a chance to try their black pepper chicken, masala bhetki, sizzling jerk chicken and non-veg mixed grilled, I’m sure these items are equally lip smacking. Try some of their preparations someday and you’ll surely know the difference.

With a meal for two costing Rs.500 approximately, eating out at Simply Sizzlers is not at all a pocket pinch for a food lover. So, enjoy your next meal at Simply Sizzlers!

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