Never again at Spice Garden

April 8, 2013

spice garden

Without any prior planning, I along with one of my friends rushed into Spice Garden as we both were too much hungry after a long shopping at AC Market and Emami Market. Situated at 1, AJC Bose Road, Kolkata, this restaurant was nearby Emami Market and so without a second thought we visited this destination. It was around 7 PM and we found that only two tables are left vacant. As we entered, one waiter guided us to one of those vacant tables. All the tables were 4-seater. He requested us to occupy the seats on the same side of the table and at this request, we got a bit surprised. However we did what he said and placed all our shopping bags on the opposite side.

After we were comfortable in our seats and rolling our eyes through the menu card, a stinking smell reached my nose and it gradually grew louder and louder as time passed by. Very soon we realized that it is the smell of the hard drinks. I have been to a number of bar-cum-restaurants but I have never smelled such a stinking smell anywhere. This happened mainly due to the improper ventilation system and congested seating arrangements. Gradually the smell became just intolerable for me. However, amidst all these annoying features, we placed our orders which included Chicken Noodles, Chicken Szechwan Fried Rice and Lemon Honey Glaze Chicken. They did not take much time to serve our orders. While we were concentrating on our dishes and chatting, much to our surprise we saw an aged person requesting us to shift our bags aside so that he can sit in the same table at our opposite side. We were more surprised to see the same waiter beside him who guided us also. He also requested the same thing and when we expressed our doubt about this seating style, he replied that it was a common system there. We were helpless and did what he said. In front of us, the man sat with a bottle of vodka and some snacks and continued his drinking session comfortably. But we were uncomfortable in this situation. We literally forgot to sit and relish our dishes. We just gulped. Spice Garden has given me the most horrible dining session in my lifetime.

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