PANNA’S KITCHEN – Decent food but it has many drawbacks

March 18, 2013

Panna's Kitchen

A plan to have a delightful lunch or dinner really can be possible in PANNA’S KITCHEN. If you are a lover of fast food and delicious North Indian food, your destination should be none other than 4/N D.H Road, Behala, Kol-34. Panna’s kitchen is near Behala tram depot. A short review of Panna’s Kitchen shows that it accept credit cards, which will be a great help for most people who prefer transactions through credit cards. Another plus point of this restaurant is that it is just beside Diamond Harbour road, so while passing through you can easily spent some time there in their Air conditioned room and enjoy the real taste of North Indian thick tasty gravies and mouth watering delicious fast food.

But Panna’s Kitchen does not accept food coupons. It does not offer Home Delivery. Other modern amenities are also missing here. All these are some of the negatives of this restaurant. If the restaurant can start accepting food coupons, then it will attract many food lovers from far and near. The unavailability of home delivery is one of the major drawbacks of this restaurant. Many people cannot go to a restaurant and eat there, and many other people don’t like to sit in a restaurant and spent their precious time eating there, as it is much easier to order food on the phone. But as this facility is not available here, it is a great problem for those who want to eat packed food directly at home. It is also a loss for the restaurant as they are unable to reach lots and lots of people who want home delivery. Panna’s Kitchen also does not have any car parking facility, which makes it far more inaccessible than any other big restaurant  (take for example YO FOODIES at High land park, Kolkata). Most of the top restaurants have a parking lot which proves a great help for those who have a car. Another major drawback of Panna’s Kitchen is that it cannot satisfy those who are vegetarian. Panna’s Kitchen does not have many vegetarian food options. In Kolkata, there are a large number of people who are  purely vegetarian and don’t like non-veg  food. Panna’s Kitchen proves a great failure in this field.

There are many drawbacks of this restaurant, located at 4/N Diamond Harbour road in Behala. Avoid it unless you live close by.

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