Mirch Masala Restaurant & Bar, find out whether it is a roadside dhaba or restaurant?

March 18, 2013

mirch masala

Have you ever dined in a dhaba located on the highway? Well, never mind if you haven’t got a chance to dig into the mouthwatering food of a roadside dhaba. You can find a similar ambience and enjoy truly delectable north Indian and Moghlai dishes at Mirch Masala Restaurant & Bar. The quirky ambience of Mirch Masala, located at Gariahat Road truly makes it a perfect dining hub.

Gariahat, with so many apparel and bric-a-brac shops, is a shopper’s paradise. And I, being a perfect shopaholic, am often seen on the streets, bargaining and stuffing my bags with good buys. Just a few months back I got a chance to eat at Mirch Masala. Tired after our shopping spree, my friend and I entered this restaurant for some refreshments. But, its typical dhaba décor enhanced by colorful posters had its magical effect on us and we decided to have our luncheon here.

When you are sitting in a dhaba or rather when you get a feel of sitting in a dhaba, then it is always nice to dig in to some delectable north Indian dishes. We ordered some hara lasuni naan, Kashmiri kuchcha, subzi dum biryani, tandoori murgh and murgh lasuni. After this sumptuous meal, we made sure we had a glassful of sweet lassi (served at almost every highway dhaba). My friend insisted on having some Kesariya Jalebis, which were just awesome!

I must say that their service was indeed praiseworthy. On entering the restaurant we were greeted by their friendly staff who showed us to our table. The waiters were prompt and efficient. Food was served to us hot and fresh in metal bowls and plates. Who would believe that one could get the feel of a roadside dhaba on bustling Gariahat road! Mirch Masala has a separate bar for those who would prefer having hard drinks along with their sumptuous delicacies. Just drop in here next time when you are on Gariahat Road!

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