March 18, 2013


Residing at the East of Kolkata, one gets ample access to the famous Mughlai and Chinese food joints of the city, be it ‘Shiraz’, ‘Zeeshan’ or ‘Beijing’. So when it came to reviewing ‘Arsalan’ Restaurant’s main branch, I gladly welcomed it. Now, why did I mention the other three eateries if I am to review the fourth one? The answer is pretty simple. Since 2002 when Arsalan started operatiing, it has axed the popularity of the former three. Arsalan serves Mughlai as well as Chinese delicacies but it is best known for its penchant in Mughlai dishes.

I went there to find out exactly why people preferred it to the others.

Situated at one of the busiest crossings of Kolkata, the Park Circus seven point crossing; Arsalan can be surely tagged as one of the landmarks here. The first thing to catch the eye is its name and the abundant space inside. It has nothing to do with the interior decor. After I had a chat with the owner I got to know that more than anything they are concerned about the quality of food they serve. According to him, people go to a restaurant for eating not to see its decor. If the food is good they will visit it again. Still, if someone prefers good interiors and food with equal interest they should seat themselves on the first floor of this joint.

Mughlai food is known for its richness. It is famous for the exotic use of spices, dry fruits and nuts with style and splendor. Here, the dishes start from a mere 80 bucks and can shoot up to as much as 7000! The dishes include Biriyani, Kababs, Tandoori, Noodles, Soup and much more, but the dish which I liked most was their ‘Kakori Kabab’. Made with mince meat, it’s so tender that it simply melts in your mouth, flavored with god knows what spices! Who cares when you are eating such delicious food!

Arsalan opens at 12 PM and serves customers till 1.30 AM on normal days. During festivities it remains open till 4 AM.I have personally never seen the entrance of this food joint deserted whenever I have walked past the place.

Am I being biased that I didn’t find anything to negate? Well, there are a few negative points as well. If you plan to visit this place, you better travel by public transport because finding parking is near impossible. Get something to pass your time in the queue; it may take as long as 45 minutes to get your order served!

But I think the people of Kolkata are still crazy foodies or else this food joint wouldn’t have run this well for 11 years with its 4 branches (one situated at Mumbai)!

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