Beijing Restaurant @ Tangra- a small China in Kolkata

March 18, 2013


Rarely do you get to visit a restaurant in Kolkata that offers authentic Chinese cuisine at very nominal rates. Yes Beijing Restaurant, located at Christopher Road, Tangra, Kolkata, is one restaurant where you can enjoy a plateful of authentic and mouthwatering Chinese delicacies at reasonable prices.  Exactly one year ago, I dined in this restaurant with some close relatives of mine. After enjoying our day at Science City and Nicco Park, we decided to take the road that led to Tangra. Tangra has a whole lot of Chinese eateries, most of which offer delicious and authentic Chinese dishes. And most important all, you do not burn a hole in your pocket while enjoying a three-course meal in most of these Chinese food hubs.

Beijing is one of the oldest and most popular Chinese restaurants in Kolkata. We got there in the evening. Voraciously hungry, we placed our orders, which included a-la carte meal- dimsums, soups, main course and yummy desserts. We had spring button mushrooms, chicken dumplings and spring prawns with Lung Fung Chicken Soup. Each item was awesome! Within forty five minutes of serving our dimsums and soups, the waiters arrived with steaming hot food. For our main course, we ordered some Cantonese chicken, Szechwan duck, chicken in black bean sauce, Chicken American Chopsuey and Chicken Cantonese rice. Served in good quantity, the food at Beijing restaurant was hot and delicious! The spices, sauces and herbs perfectly blended in each item, emitting a delicious aroma to excite our taste buds! Finally, the waiter arrived with our yummy dessert – a black forest sundae and Chocó brownies. The soft brownies and the ice cream melted in our mouths, leaving a lasting sweetness.

However, there are some disadvantages in dining at Beijing restaurant. If you plan to dine there, then avoid taking your car. Finding a proper car parking lot nearby is truly hazardous. I did not like the ambience of the restaurant. The dimly lit area looked unclean. But their food was really awesome. Overall, it is a nice place to enjoy authentic Chinese food at pocket-friendly prices.

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