Damur, a grand Chinese and North Indian food plaza at Dalhousie

March 15, 2013


I am surprised to see that no one has reviewed this superb restaurant, located in one of the busiest heritage business centers of Kolkata, yet. Located at 7, Old Court House Corner, Dalhousie, BBD Bagh in Kolkata, Damur is a fabulous restaurant I discovered near my work place a few months ago. My office colleagues and I planned a lunch party at Damur to celebrate the farewell of one of our colleagues.

Damur is a complete Chinese and North Indian restaurant with a wide range of preparations available in their menu. As most of the buildings in this area looks like century old heritage buildings, one should not judge its outer appearance. Around 1.00 PM, we reached in front of the restaurant – an old building with the name ‘Damur’ shining brightly and elegantly. As we stepped inside by opening a small door, the interior decor with soft light simply amazed us. The outer and inner appearance was just contrasting. The doorman welcomed our group and asked us to go upstairs to the second floor. The entire stair case was beautifully decorated. As we reached the second floor, one of the waiters approached towards us and guided us to a table of six. The six of us sat comfortably on our chairs.

In our group, there was one vegetarian. So, for the appetizer, we ordered two Chicken Sweet Corn Soup and Chicken Thai, one Chicken Noodles Soup and one Mushroom Noodles Soup. These were followed by two plates of Dry Chilli Chicken, one plate of Drums of Heaven and Crispy Chilli Babycorn. With all these superb dishes, we initiated our grand lunch party. As it was a weekday and that also in the afternoon, there was not much crowd in the large dining hall. Most of the tables were empty. As far as I remember, three more tables were occupied other than ours and we enjoyed our privacy. Every preparation was delicious. In the meantime, we placed our orders for the main course and beverages. Each of us opted for Lime Soda Water. And for the main course, we mixed and matched between North Indian and Chinese items. We tried one plate of Mixed Hakka Noddles and Mixed Fried Rice, both without pork, Peas Pulao, Butter Naan, Dal Makhani, Paneer Butter Masala, Garlic Chicken and Szechwan Chicken.

All the Chinese preparations that we savored were awesome. But truly speaking, I didn’t like their Dal Makhani and Butter Naan – probably because I don’t prefer those, though others appreciated them. We had a great and memorable lunch party at Damur at an affordable price. After such a lavish and enjoyable meal, the bill came to nearly Rs. 200 per head.

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