Raul’s Restaurant

March 12, 2013


Raul’s Bar and Restaurant is a small wine and dine place located just opposite Jatin Das Park Metro station. Raul’s is one of the oldest bars in the city and just like the charismatic Coffee House in College Street, holds a special place for the old and the young.

During its initial years, Raul’s was just like any other economy bar. However, with time, it has expanded amazingly and it now has an a/c and a non a/c floor and also a separate floor which has a family diner as well.

My association with Raul’s dates back to by college days when like any other college going teenager, I was living on my monthly allowance plus a few extra bucks which I earned by giving tuitions. The first time I visited Raul’s was during a small party arranged by one of my friends to celebrate his birthday.

Since then, I have been a regular at Raul’s. The best part about the place was that during my college days, they served beer and alcohol at the cheapest rates. Imagine, having a bottle of chilled beer for just Rs. 80 and a peg of 90 ml rum for just Rs. 25 was like hitting a jackpot during those days. However, the biggest attraction was the chicken dishes at Raul’s. I can definitely bet on the fact that no other bar or restaurant serves such delicious chili chicken as Raul’s.

Well times have changed and so has Raul’s. You no longer get hard drinks for 25 rupees nor beer for 80. However, the old charm of the place is still intact. Initially we criticized the fact that the management did not take proper care of the place. The walls were not painted, the sofas were the same as during my college days, etc. but very soon we realized the fact that it was pretty difficult to maintain the old charm and make the customers nostalgic every time they visit the bar. I definitely go nostalgic every time I visit the place. No matter the problem that we are dealing with in life, when my friends and I meet at Raul’s, we end up talking about our college days, our flings, our dare-devil attitudes – our “golden” days as a whole.

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