Haute Cuisine at Mainland China

March 12, 2013

Mainland China

A restaurant that prides on its authentic Chinese cuisine is Mainland China. A part of Speciality Restaurants, Mainland China has four branches in Kolkata- at EM Bypass, Howrah, Ballygunge and Prince Anwar Shah Road (at South City Mall).  I tried their haute cuisine at their South City branch.  After watching Life of Pi at Fame, my sisters and I booked a table at Mainland China (people are always thronging here, especially on weekends and you have to book your table beforehand to avoid waiting for an hour or so). Unfortunately, that day we didn’t have a plan of eating at Mainland China, but luckily few people were dining there that day and we didn’t have to wait for our turn.

Once seated and greeted by their well mannered staff we placed our order. If you are in Kolkata, you can dig into succulent Chinese cuisine at Mainland China. For our starters, we had mouthwatering Keong’s Chicken with Green Chili and Spring Onion Hunan Prawns. The spicy flavors of these two dishes were enough to tantalize our taste buds and make us feel hungrier. Our main course consisted of Lobster In chilli oyster sauce, maoshi chicken, broken noodles with zucchini and golden garlic fried rice with iceberg lettuce. Finally, the waiter arrived with our mouthwatering dessert – Steamed coconut dumplings seasoned with honey butter sauce.  We didn’t get any opportunity to complain because the food and service at Mainland China was amazing.

If our appetites permitted we would have tasted each item here. I made up my mind to visit this place again to check out their succulent dishes, served hot and fresh to their customers. The ambience at Mainland China is also good, enhanced by its artful décor. You can also try their buffet served in the afternoon at specific rates. Trust me – once you taste Mainland China’s awesome Chinese cuisine you will want to come back to this place again and again!

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