Chelo Kebabs only at Peter Cat

March 12, 2013

peter cat

Peter Cat, a renowned restaurant in Kolkata is a foodie’s haven. You can dig into mouthwatering Continental and North Indian cuisines without emptying your pockets. Rush to this place if you are ravenously hungry, and when your taste buds crave for juicy meat, seasoned with herbs and spices! What makes Peter Cat famous among people is their succulent Chelo Kebabs, a sumptuous dish of buttered rice served hot with tomatoes, poached egg, mutton dumplings and mutton kebabs. Delicious and nutritious, this dish is enough to satiate your hunger anytime. I heard a lot about Peter Cat’s chelo kebabs from my relatives and friends. This is one reason why I decided to have my lunch there one fine afternoon.

On entering the restaurant, I was greeted with friendly and courteous waiters, dressed immaculately in their uniforms. There was no need to check their menu card because I was sitting at Peter Cat to taste their lip smacking Chelo Kebabs. After about 30 minutes of placing my order, the dish arrived, piping hot emitting a delicious aroma. The tantalizing smell of the spicy kebabs seasoned with the melted butter was just too appetizing. I didn’t wait a single minute and started gorging on the delicious chelo kebabs the moment they were laid on the table.

Their Chelo kebabs are reasonably priced and it’s a filling dish. Unless you are a gourmand, I’m sure you can’t eat anything else after you’ve finished a plateful of chelo kebabs. You can also complete your chelo kebabs with their tasty pineapple blossom or a pint of beer. The choice is yours! Apart from chelo kebabs, Peter Cat is also famous for their delectable sizzlers. You can try their chicken sizzler, a perfect combination of chicken breast, vegetables and egg, flavored with sauce. I found their service efficient and prompt. But, what attracted my attention was the cute cat’s head on the menu card and the funny quotes on their cocktail menu.

I’m sure I’ll come back here again, but this time with family and friends if I can get a table free that is!

Bhavesh Bhatia is a true gourmet who updates his blog regularly with restaurant reviews. Along with blog writing and posting, get information about website content writing at affordable prices – contact Bhavesh Bhatia for more details on web content writing services now!

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