Khandani Rajdhani Restaurant

March 11, 2013


If you love Gujarati as well as Rajasthani dishes, then you must visit any of the branches of Rajdhani Restaurant in Kolkata. I have visited one of its branches in Kolkata, the one at E.M. Bypass and was highly elated by the warm hospitality of the staffs there. The restaurant has been able to maintain the ancient and princely aroma of mouth-watering Rajasthani dishes. The foods are cooked in pure ghee. Rajdhani’s tastiest curries are prepared by using good quality pulses and gram flour. Dry fruits, cardamom, rose water and ginger forms the basis of almost every curry cooked and served by Khandani Rajdhani. Various types of Rajasthani savouries and snacks are served by Rajdhani with great care. I liked the Rajasthani dish “chane Jaisalmer ke” when I went with my friends to have lunch over there. The curry was well blended with spices like garam masala, cinnamon, asafoetida, black cardamoms and cumin seeds. Yogurt and black Bengal gram formed the main ingredients of the curry. The dish was garnished well with chopped chillies, coriander leaves and three to four tablespoons of ghee were sprinkled to have the real aroma of Rajasthani cuisine. A spoonful of the dish went into my mouth and I got lost, somewhere in Rajasthan. The ancient princely taste of Rajasthan quenched the thirst of my taste-buds and I went on eating and eating. “Dal baati”, “churma” and “missi roti” ended up in our plates but we still went on licking our fingers for the want of more!

Rajdhani’s hospitality is going to make you feel that you are no less than a king or a queen. The rates of dishes are reasonable. Servers over there are going to serve you promptly and they are always eager to help you out in every way possible for them. “Paneer ki sabzi” was also really great at Rajasthan. One of my friends did not like paneer at all, but after tasting one spoon of the recipe, she fell in real love with paneer and even promised that whenever she will feel to taste paneer, she will creep in to Rajdhani to taste the real Rajasthani flavour. Next time I will be skipping my breakfast and going to Rajdhani to enjoy some other real Rajasthani dishes.

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