Bar-B-Q – Always great!

March 11, 2013


Never miss the lip-smacking Chinese dishes at Bar-B-Q when you are at Park Street, Kolkata and are looking for a good restaurant to dine at. Bar-B-Q has everything that a person looks for when he sets his foot inside a restaurant – good ambience, delicious food, excellent service and pocket-friendly rates of food items.  Bar-B-Q has seating arrangements for many people, but at times (during occasions or festivals); you have to stand in a long queue, waiting for your turn. But, this is common problem with all good restaurants. Crowd flocks to places that offer mouthwatering cuisines at reasonable rates.

I got a chance to dine at Bar-B-Q with my cousin who had just dropped in Kolkata on her way to Singapore.  As she was going to stay with us for a few days, I thought it was the perfect time to take her to Bar- B-Q.  Bar-B-Q has a fantastic ambience.  You get a feel of dining in a cozy Chinese cottage with food bowls arranged on your table. You will surely like its romantic atmosphere caused by its dimly-lit chandeliers.

On entering the restaurant, we were greeted by a friendly waiter who showed us our table and provided us a menu card. Although Bar-B-Q offers many popular Tandoori and Mughlai dishes, we decided to opt for Chinese. Within half-an hour food bowls, filled with steaming sweet and sour chicken, chili chicken, Schezwan chicken chowmein and mixed chowmein arrived at our table. The aroma and the color of these delicacies were enough to tantalize our taste buds and we started gorging on our food.

We wrapped up our dinner with Bar-B-Q’s yummy chocolate souffle and hot chocolate fudge. With delicious food, superb ambience, excellent service and reasonable costs, Bar-B-Q is one restaurant that I’ll visit again and again.

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