Aminia: famous for years for their delectable Mughlai dishes!

March 11, 2013


The sight of delicacies like Biryani, kebabs and curries is enough to churn your gastronomic juices. And a food lover like me just can’t wait to gorge these succulent dishes when served at Aminia. One of the oldest restaurants in Kolkata, Aminia now has three branches- at New Market Area, NSC Bose Road and Ballygunge. I visited their Ballygunge branch a few months ago. Ravenously hungry after our shopping spree, my friend and I were looking for a nice place to dig into mouthwatering Mughlai dishes when we came to Aminia. True, this restaurant does not have a high-class five star ambience, but it isn’t bad either, particularly for two famished people who were looking for a nice food hub.

The place is small but cozy; the ambience is simple. We were greeted by a courteous waiter, who took our orders after showing us the menu card. Aminia has lots to offer! If you do not like the flavor of Mughlai dishes you can definitely go for their Chinese dishes like Manchurian chicken, Schezwan chicken, chilli chicken (dry and gravy), chilli paneer, honey chicken, chowmein and fried rice. Some people around us were ordering Chinese dishes, but we opted for typical Mughlai cuisine. After all, Aminia is famous for years for their delectable Mughlai dishes! After around half-an-hour we were served steaming hot chicken biryani, chicken chap, lachcha paratha and paneer butter masala.

The food was really tasty. The paneer almost melted in our mouths and the lachcha parathas were soft and succulent. Many people avoid Biryani because it’s too oily and rich. But, after tasting Aminia’s biriyani you will question this myth. Neither greasy nor bland, their Biryani is just perfect! Try it today and you’ll know the difference. I particularly liked their chicken chap. In most restaurants if you order chicken chap, you get a large piece of chicken floating in spices and oil.  But, here the spices nicely blend with the chicken, giving it a nice color and flavor.

Just visit this restaurant once and try some of their Mughlai dishes. I’m sure you will like its food. And, believe me the amount you’ll spend is just worth the food you’ll taste here.

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