There’s nothing really secretive about Raaz 3 – Easily the worst in the series…

September 21, 2012

There’s only one mystery about fame. Nobody gets to keep it forever, but everyone gets their share. Fame is very fickle minded and is easily pulled towards something which glitters more than the other. The theme of Vikram Bhatt’s new movie Raaz in 3D is the same. Shanaya (Bipasha Basu) is a superstar who is slowly tumbling down from the dizzying heights of fame, while the hot and fresh hopeful Sanjana (Esha Gupta) is bagging one movie after another. Sanjana gets rewarded for the efforts in the movies and she gradually rises to become the top heroine in the industry. The self-obsessed and brutally ambitious Shanaya will leave no stone unturned to cling to the fringes of her once prospering career. Even if that means playing with love, using her director-cum- boyfriend, Aditya (Emraan Hashmi) and losing faith in God. She take the help of Kali Vidya (black magic), tantric-mantra, meeting and sometimes mating with evil souls, seducing her boyfriend into becoming partner-in-crime and with a lot of exposing outfits and loads of sex. Sanjana is haunted by the spells of black magic, and in between shrieks, screams and steamy sex scenes, loses control over her mind and heart. In comes a bhatakti aatma (Manish Chaudhury) accompanied by some shocks, shivers and songs – and you have another sequel to the Raaz series.

With a story that’s quite simple with crude characters, Vikram Bhatt, dishes out this horror (read “horny”) show in 3D, with sleek production values and clichéd elements like the usual fog, visit to the cemetery and crying voice-overs in plenty, spoonful of sex, horror and a few spine-chilling scenes. The 3D effect is not up to the mark, but a few ground-breaking scenes do impress. The music, however, is disappointing especially since it is a Bhatt film, with songs used to cover up insignificant scenes. The music, too, is a rip-off from the Bengali film Industry.

Bipasha looks dangerously stunning in this role of a soul possessed by the Dark. It’s a challenge and she takes it on with a vengeance. Emraan brings out different shades of his character, but in the struggle between pecks, obsession and possession he comes across as a completely confused soul. Esha Gupta is an attractive package and strikes in emotional scenes. Esha’s performance was better and not a blink-and-you-miss type like that in Jannat 2.

It is a worthy movie for people who want to come out of the Ramsay Bros. era. However, watching Raaz in 3D is a risk that one should not take if they have other less risky options.

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