Preview: Women’s Singles Final Match in Wimbledon 2012

July 9, 2012

American tennis queen Serena Williams and Polish tennis star Agnieszka Radwanska in Wimbledon 2012 Final! This one sentence is enough to draw attention of the entire tennis world at All England Club. After missing a number of tournaments in recent times, Serena William is once more back to reclaim his former World no. 1 position. After defeating second seeded Victoria Azarenka in the semi final of this tournament, Serena Williams reached the final for the seventh time on this grass court for the Wimbledon. Third seeded Polish lady, Agnieszka Radwanska booked the first spot in the final before Williams when she outsmarted German tennis star Angelique Kerber.

After knocking down the eight seeded Kerber in the semi final, Radwanska called for a straight set victory in 6-3, 6-4 score line. After beating the German, Radwanska became the first Polish woman to reach the Wimbledon final in last 75 years. This was also the first ever semi final for her on grass court where she too only 70 minutes to put an end to Germany’s dream of making their maiden appearance in Wimbledon Final. In the first set, Radwanska made a 5-3 lead which was luckily achieved due to two backhand errors made by her opponent. While she broke three break point opportunities, Kerber only managed to do one. The second set was fully error strewn from Kerber which allowed break to Radwanska during the fifth game. Finally Kerber got her final opportunity during a break point but she failed to take advantage of the opportunity and ended the match with a bizarre loss. But luck is probably not in favor of the Polish because after making all this way to her maiden appearance in Wimbledon final, she is now in front of the most powerful opponent, Serena Williams. In head to head statistics, Williams is leading by 2-0. So based on this record and Williams superb form after come back, Radwanska is severely under pressure.

Serena Williams on the other hand, after getting her most deserved win in the semi final against Azarenka in 6-3, 7-6 (8-6) score line, she is now in the final to achieve her seventh Wimbledon Grand Slam. This 13th time Grand Slam champion American lady, although placed in No. 6, she seems to be in No. 1 due to her devastating and aggressive performance. Facing a tough challenge from Australian Open 2012 Champion, Williams just smashed her to fix a meeting against the third seed.  Radwanska seems to be simply an underdog in front of Williams but the way both of them played in the semi final illustrates their individual potential to be the Wimbledon Queen this time. So the final match will be an extremely interesting and exciting one when these two will battle for the championship title.

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