Madagascar 3 Review

July 2, 2012

One thing can be said for sure, Madagascar 3 has become more than a movie on the silver screen. Like all the previous Madagascar movies, this time also they tell us something more. The name Madagascar has become a brand and a franchise. People from every age relate themselves with the movie. It is amazing to see the effect of the movie on everyone. The movie brings tears to the eye of any kid which is remarkable. In today’s world of graphics and animation, Madagascar is the Holy Grail.

Like every movie franchise, Madagascar has also had it share of bad days. But it seems that all is over now with the release of Madagascar 3. With their latest venture, it seems that DreamWorks have tied all loose ends to produce a star, forgetting all about their last disaster. There is nothing missing in the movie – excellent movie, great effects, hilarious jokes and the bonus – our animals have finally arrived in the city. The third edition finds Alex, Marty, Gloria and Mellman (lion, zebra, hippo and giraffe respectively) lost in Europe. They take the helps of some circus animals to return to the Central Park Zoo. There is a lot of (mis)adventure with all the animals being forced to become members of the Zaragosa (name of the circus)!

We will also see a lot of penguins, the great King Julien XIII and his associates and a handful of ever-irritating monkeys. Vitaly (tiger), Gia (jaguar), Stefano (sea-lion), a gang of rogue Yorkshire terriers and police Chief Cpt. Chantel Dubois are the new characters added to this edition of Madagascar.

The animals are as spontaneous as ever. An interesting fact is that they are more human like in this edition. The humor well is spread making it a movie not so much for children only. The one-liners are hard-hitting and references to the pop-culture may not be pleasing to everyone. Children will find it difficult to relate to some scenes and jokes because of the maturity. However, this is good as they will find something new to discover when they sit to watch this movie year’s later.

If indeed Madagascar 3 is the last movie of the franchise, it is bad news for the Madagascar fans. If indeed Madagascar 3 is the last movie of the franchise, there could not have any a more fitting finale to the great brand which we know as Madagascar.

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