Preview: 2nd UEFA Euro 2012 Quarter Final – Germany Vs Greece

June 22, 2012

Germany has been one of the favorites for Euro 2012 from pre-tournament qualifications and as the tournament progressed, Germany proved their ability in all the group stage matches with three of three magnificent victories to set up a match against Group A member Greece in the quarter final. Greece has also proved their stunning side when they outsmarted the Russians, who were initially ruling the group, to make their way in to the next round. So, finally the second quarter final of this tournament is just few hours away which will be held at PGE Arena, Gdansk on June 22, 2012 at 18.45 hours GMT. 

In a flawless performance level in the group matches, Germany did an excellent job by bagging 9 points from the three matches and this team is not only the lead scorer of Group B but also the lead scorer of this tournament. The Germans seem to be determined as they continued their campaign by defeating Portugal, Netherlands and Denmark successively to book a berth in the quarter final against the 2004 Euro Champion Greece. For the Germans, attack is the strongest area for them and they are heading to implement their attacking tactics more efficiently in the upcoming match because Ozil and Gomez are totally in form to serve their skillful tactics. The passing game in the defense side has done a brilliant job to defend opponent’s attack while the midfield combination in this squad is one of the best in this tournament. German Coach Joachim Low is quite pleased and satisfied with his team’s performance and is looking for an easy win in the elimination round to make their way straight to the semi-final. However, the team is under pressure because at this stage, the match will be challenging and tough when the opponent is an equally competent Greece.

Unlike their opponent, Greece has fixed their place in the quarter final through a roller coaster way. Making a horrendous start to this tournament, finally and luckily the Greeks have set a match against the almighty Germany. They started their campaign in this tournament with a draw against Poland followed by a defeat against their group topper Czech Republic and finally, a surprise win against their group giant Russia. Captain Georgios Karagounis is the main striker behind this win whose only goal saved his team and gave a boost for the next round. Although they did an excellent job against Russians but Germans are almost indomitable in this tournament as they are in full swing. So this team needs to develop more skills in these days to encounter the strongest opponent in this tournament. Greek defense finally revealed their ability in the last group stage match which is once more needed in Gdansk to keep their campaign alive. While the defense has revealed their true face, the attack is still in a doubt, especially when the rival side is Germany. However, their goalkeeper Michalis Sifakis has proved himself as a right replacement of Kostas Chalkias because so far in this tournament, he has not conceded any goal. So when his boys have finally returned on track, Coach Fernando Santos is heading to bring back the 2004 glory for his nation once more.

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  1. The Germans have surely got to go the whole way this tournament. Greece should be a roll over for a side of this quality!

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