Match Preview: Italy Vs Ireland in UEFA Euro 2012

June 18, 2012

When Group A and Group B qualifiers have already fixed their positions and matches in the quarter final, Group C members are yet to decide which two teams will be in the next round. While there is one match of this group between Spain and Croatia, the other match is between Republic of Ireland and Italy which will be played at Municipal Stadium, Poznan on June 18, 2012 at 18.45 hours GMT. 

Although, Italy has not yet flavored the winning joy in this tournament, this team is not an underrated one. They have ended both the matches in a draw score line throwing a challenge for their opponents to compete with them. Even the European star squad Spain almost struggled to level the match with Italy. So, in this upcoming match with Ireland, the youngest member in this league, Italy will be in full fledge to show their dominance over 90 minutes while turning the match in their side to get a smooth way to the next round. Italy has never faced such an easy opponent before and this opponent has already allowed seven goals so far in this tournament. Italian attack is superb but they need to improve their defensive strategy to assist their goalkeeper. Although this match will not be very tough and challenging for four times World Champion but still they are not ready to leave any loop holes in the field because this the only and the most crucial match for them to be in the next round.

Tucked in the last position of Group C with null point in hand, Irish squad is already out of this tournament and so in this match they are just looking for a prestigious win which will be in only treasure for them in this tournament. With absolutely nothing to lose anymore, it is easier for them to get a win before leaving this tournament with one win and 3 points in pocket. However, Irish supporters have win the hearts of all places with their warm behavior whereas the fans of some the winning teams are the eyesores of many people because of their agitated conduct and racial abuses. This squad is well aware that Italy is a strong opponent for them but still they are ready to compete with their full potential. 

While most of the predictions are in favor of Italy, the bookies are offering different odds for win in both sides and also for a draw match. Paddy Power, Bedfred and Coral are offering 9/2 and Bet365 is offering 11/2 for a draw match. For Italy’s win, Paddy Power and Coral are offering 2/7 while the other two are offering 1/4 and for Irish win, Paddy Power and Bet365 are offering 9 while Bedfred and Coral are offering 10 and 17/2 respectively.

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