June 21, 2011

“Maa”, the name itself gives the idea of the story. The serial, aired on Star Jalsha, is very popular and is about a girl named Pari, who is trying hard to find out her parents as she was kidnapped from a fair when she was only 3 years old. She grew up under the guidance of the kidnapper, Hira Amma, who later turned the little cute girl into a thief. Although, she was into such an illegal profession, even such a deplorable environment could not influence her hereditary characteristics at all. She was honest and never lied in any situation. As a thief, she was known as Jhilik. Finally after fighting with many tough situations, she succeeded in finding out her true parents. Thereafter, she again ends up in a situation where she is in front of her parents but cannot disclose her true identity to them and address her mother as “Maa”. Recently her parents have come to know about her who she really is and accepted her in their family.

The serial is very popular with people of all ages. There are a number of child artists and their innocent acting is enjoyed by everyone.  The other characters are also very nice and funny. The character played by Rohit Mukherjee as Pari’s uncle is also very attractive and funny. I hope if you watch him, you will enjoy the character and want to have somebody like him in your family. But Pari’s “pishi-thamma”, as she is known in the serial, is very jealous and cannot tolerate Pari. She always tries to create problems in Pari’s life. I guess none of the viewers like her character.

Pari is undoubtedly, very clever and intelligent, have high justification power and can even sacrifice her life for the welfare of her family members. But in reality, a child can be like this to some extent, but the limits of her intelligence and bravery represent in the story is can only imaginery. I personally feel that the director should try and make to make the story more realistic. Sometimes it really seems like we are viewing a fairy tale. Moreover, now when Pari has finally won back her original identity, the story should ideally be nearing its end, but because of its high TRP, I feel the director is planning to extend it further which would lead to a row of boring episodes.  This is my point of view,  but do let me know what you feel about it.

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  1. My grea Sreal MAA

  2. Starjalsha serial “maa” now boring me.Because the serial ‘cock and bull story,unrealstic,vogus, illogic etc…………… Now we are uninterested to maa serial.The maa serial in a nutshell as soon as possible.Amra chai Jhilik er majhe anando ashok abong tar ashol maa ke fira paak.So it is high time we wanted to see the serial”maa” has ended/stopped now.

  3. To my view of point Maa is the best serial of all other indian serials, though it is a bit lengthy. Now some are saying that it should be ended quickly,but I don’t feel that it should be a hurry. I think it should be ended when all the characters, especially moni finds her place amongst her family members, and ofcourse jhilik returns her home without any cheating she did before, just truely accepted by her family.

  4. Notune jilik ke khub bhalo lagcha.kintu or name ta echono janta parlam na.Doya kore or name ta janaban ki?

  5. Hi notun jilik what is your real name

  6. ami chai je jilik jeno ekjon strong character hoya otey.ebong tar monir jibon ke jeno sundor kora tole.phulki ke jeno uchit siksa dai .best of luck jilik. ami tomake are fulish charactere dekta chai na.

  7. Can someone tell me what’s the real name of FULKI(new)? she is so cute. I like her. I wish her for good carrier, future in the film industry.

  8. মা সিরিয়াল কি শেষ হবে না। এক গিদ রোজ ভালো লাগে না। যে পরিচালক এই স

  9. মা সিরিয়াল টা মনে হয় কোন বিকৃতমনস্ক কাহিনীকার/পরিচালকের মস্তিক্সপ্রসুত, যার কাছে শয়তানের জয়টায় বড় কথা । অনেক বছর ধরে তো চলছে, এবার এই ঘৃণ্য কাহিনী বন্ধ করা উচিত । একটা বাড়ীতে এতগুলো জজ, উকিল তারা সব গর্দভ আর ফুলকি নামক মেয়েটি অসম্ভব বুদ্ধিমান । সিরিয়ালটার নাম “মা” অথচ এতে মাকে অসম্মান করা হচ্ছে । যখনই পরিচালকের ইচ্ছে হচ্ছে, একটা অবাস্তব, মনগড়া ঘটনা ঘটিয়ে লেবেলে আনছেন আবার তার পর যে কে সেই । এমন কিছু দেখান যা মানুষ উপভোগ করে । এই সিরিয়ালের নায়িকা কান্না ছাড়া আর কিছু জানে কি ? দয়া করে এবার শেষ করুন এবং সবাইকে শান্তি দিন ।

  10. It is very interesting serial and best among the on aired serials from different channels. ‘MAA’ is only serial that I am viewing regularly.

  11. please change this serial because its very boring.i think this serial will carry 4 to 5 year .plese end this serial now.and that duffer fulki if i have no this girl in front of i’ll just.WAIT AND WATCH………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


  12. I could not understand why jhilik will be getting punished repeatedly inspite of all her selfless,loving,loyal right-sided efforts to do good to others and why she will not be rewarded at the end of every evil movements agaisnt her This point should be justifiably thinked and subject to correc-tion. ….MUKTI PADA GHOSH, N D BLOCK,BAGNAN

  13. I personally feel that the serial is giving so much of upper hand to the negative characters,criminal mentality may be induced and encouraged causing further damage to the people in general.It is high time to start turning the table.

  14. phulkir koba sasti hoba – bina pani chakraborty

  15. chili kar ma ki maa na dayni

  16. jelikar ma ki ma na dayni -aparna

    • maa seriyal ta tta ma are choritra dos hola ki kora nayikar ma hota para

  17. Maa serial ami dekhte khub bhalobasi.jadi kono episode miss kore fali ta hole khub kosto pai.serial ta khub bhalo.jhilik ar Moni,r janno amar khub kasto hoy.ami chai ora jate r kosto na pay. star jalsa r kache amar anurodh jhilik(sreetama’r )er sathe dekha korar jodi ekta sujog den ami kritagya thakbo

  18. fulki ki sudhu jitei jabe/

  19. Plz stop this serial!Dont try to do anything which dishonour any mother.We are sorry to say that we dont like this at this moment,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Its really a painful story

  20. now maa serial is very interesting…who is this jhilik

  21. eta khub interestful serial. And it is very popular.but who is this new jhilik(ganga)

  22. Now in malayalam this Serial Remaked in the name of AMMA

  23. what is the real name of Arunangshu?

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