The ABCs of Writing Effective Sales Copy

April 1, 2011

Very often, there are queries regarding the best way to write effective sales copy. A number of simplistic elements and strategies can be adopted for effective sales writing.

Remember that the customers decide on a particular product by seeing its benefit rather than its service. Remember that the features of a particular product are based on a certain purpose. Do not assume that your customers themselves would figure out the benefits of these products. So, please do not write only about the service, but also include what this kind of a service can do for you.

Try to write your sales copy from the customer’s viewpoint rather than from your point of view. Try to incorporate points that prove that your product or service is unique. You must include a reason that says why your customer should do business with you. This is also referred to as the unique selling proposition or USP. You can also include this reason if you are going for web content writing or blog content writing. You will be able to find a unique quality in your product just by asking yourself – what makes your product different from others or what are you offering that other products are not? It can be anything from faster delivery, cost effectiveness or your warranty policies.

Ensure that you pay attention to the layout of your sales copy. Make sure that your sales presentations are properly arranged and the headlines are in proper place. The sales copy must have a beginning, middle, and definitely, an end to it. Just as the best web content writing ensures an introduction, body as well as a conclusion in the articles, sales copies must also be arranged in a similar fashion. If you are unable to do this by yourself, you can engage professional web content service providers to deliver the same to you.

You can also make use of graphics. Remember that the usage of these graphics must not appear filling but rather illustrative and demonstrative. It must demonstrate the benefits and promote professionalism or draw the visitor’s notice to an important part of the page.

The first paragraph must be well written just as it is the case with blog content writing. Research proves the fact that if readers can read your opening paragraph, they are most likely to go through the whole sales copy.

You would be able to manage a great sales copy, if you can follow these simple techniques. Last but not the least, you can also interview your readers or allow comments to get feedback.


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