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November 12, 2010

It’s been a long journey over the past 5 and a half years. It doesn’t seem like much, but it has indeed been a tough, hard journey For a content writing firm that started off with no direction, no infrastructure and no expectations, we have indeed come a long way. I am really happy to say that I truly enjoy the work that I do and am happy to be a part of Orion Multisystem Inc. and Positively Content in any way.

Thank you team for being the backbone of the company and for taking us to greater heights with each passing year! We have a long way to go, and though we might stumble every once in a while, we are here to stay and to provide you with 100% original, quality content for a long, long time!

Our Services:

Apart from writing articles, blog posts, ezine articles, ebooks, product descriptions, reviews, SEO content, website content and spinning, here is an additional list of stuff that we do.

If you can send us a list of the links you want to develop, we can do the following for you.

We will submit unique articles showcasing the latest products available on your website to one article directory at a time, or a general category on your site at a time. These will contain links within the article/author box that will point to the pages you want to link to on your site. The more articles you keep on these sites over time, the more their ranking, and the better the chances of the links being visited. Obviously, these articles will be peppered with frequently used keywords as well. Over time, this proves to be effective, as these articles stay on the website permanently, building yourself a bank of articles under the same author name over months/years. They continue to generate traffic over time. You will need to provide us with the titles and keywords. We will do the rest.

NEW: Submitting your website details MANUALLY to over 120+ top Search engines to get you the maximum coverage in all the major search engines in the world! This is a one-time charge for submitting your details to the major search engines in the world, though we recommend resubmitting these details every 4-6 months based on the keywords used for your site. Complete submission report will be provided with list of all the search engines where your site has been submitted. For a limited period of time, we will also provide you with a FREE report on how you can improve the ranking in GOOGLE for your website compared to top ten competitor websites + another FREE report on how to improve your own website to enhance your rankings. Each of these reports is provided at a cost of $30 or Rs. 1500/- normally.

You can give us a list of forums where we can create awareness about your site – like a forum on Orkut for example. Here, we can create an identity matching your company profile, and then visit the forums of your choice, asking/answering questions placed by other forum visitors about your products and services, prompting them to visit your site for more information. For best results, we recommend an extended continuation of this activity on a regular basis over multiple forums for click conversions, but this decision will be up to you based on your budget. Required from you is the list of forums.

Keeping a blog on your website that regularly showcases the products on your site, and reviews the latest products regularly. You can do 6-7 posts a week, building traffic from doing SEO based writing and then making sure that it places high on search engines through SEO. You need to give us the list of products to be reviewed. We do the rest.


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