Can’t imagine what must have been going through their minds….

November 29, 2008

My uncle, aunt, and cousin were caught in the crossfire between the army and the terrorists in the terror attacks in Mumbai this week. They were holed up in their apartment at Merchant House in Colaba for over 24 hours without food, water and electricity, their house in tatters, their window panes shattered, and the sound of hand grenades and gunshots rang all over throughout the duration of their siege.

They have gone through an ordeal in a very short span of time. They got through it unscathed because they kept low, stayed down and persevered. They played safe, and decided not to take unnecessary risks, unlike their neighbor. He came out to this balcony with his wife to ‘check out the scene’ and was shot dead by terrorists.  A tragic waste of life! Yes, there will be many stories like this one playing around in the media for a while, but we can feel the loss of life even from far away, for these souls who were made to leave our realm for no fault of their own.

Thank god my aunt, uncle and cousin (and their extended family) are safe and sound. I thank the lord for keeping them safe. For those who have lost their loved ones, my heartfelt condolences. I hope that someone somewhere pays for their dastardly deeds whether it is on this earth or somewhere else. I will be fully supporting any bill that seeks to ensure that any and all anti-terrorist activities in our country should be handed over to the army, navy and air force in the future. This will ensure that the wheels of democratic bureaucracy do not delay justice to the ones that need it most. It will also depoliticize the whole concept of anti-terrorism in our country. If you feel the same, please get in touch with your favorite social network or support group to see how you can contribute towards changing way things are to be handled the next time…. we can’t change the past, but we can ensure that the right action is taken the next time.


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