Pune was awesome!

September 8, 2008

Pune is a great place to spend the weekend! So I discovered, and I was with cousins for the most part! We had a great time, roaming around the city, driving and exploring the smaller lanes and finding out new places to eat at! I was taken aback with the vibrancy of the place.

Being a city populated largely by college crowd, Pune lives up to its rep, and how! I have never seen such hep, rocking crowd – ever! Sorry, Delhi, B’bay and Cal – you are nowhere close! Even all three cities put together! And I am from Cal. Beat That!

The city itself is no big deal, but there’s loads to do there. It is only Pune where TEN people can go for dinner to a decent and well kept restaurant, eat to your heart’s content, and then get a bill of just Rs.450/- – yes, we couldn’t believe it either! Needless to say, that became our favourite haunt!

I had a great time with my cousins and family. Went for a movie, played cards till late at night, and ate some amazing Pasta! All in all, an amazing weekend. Oh yes, got myself a tattoo. Couldn’t resist. Hadda do it. Still healing – even after almost three weeks, but I guess it was worth the effort and pain. Will put up snaps of it later as soon as I get them – It’s on my back, so I can’t access it easily, but will put up snaps when possible.

Till next time – Bhav signing off!


One comment

  1. Good stuff. How did you call up the courage for a tatoo?! Haven’t been to Pune. Weekend breaks are good and necessary… we went to San Francisco during labor day weekend. Was a lot of fun – celebrated my birthday over 4 days 🙂 Have friends there.
    Take care!

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